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DRAWings Pro XI
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Embroidery Machines
Spiral in closed shapes
1) Objects that are filled with Piping stitch type can be easily converted into spiral fill objects.
2) You only need a point direction or hole in the middle of the design and your spiral is ready.
3) You can even apply styles on the spiral stitches and get beautiful embroidery results.
Convert fill to center line
1) With the "Convert fill to center line" function you have the ability to change a fill area made with Satin, Step, Piping etc. into Satin serial or Running stitch.
2) This option is very convenient especially for small text objects.
3) If the text is too small to be filled with Satin stitches, the best alternative is to fill the object with Running stitches by applying this function.
Ambience quilting
1) The software implements an easy way to take any design and create a quilting block from it.
2) Stippling stitches are automatically added around the selected object creating a beautiful echo effect.
Add ray-like stitch directions of stitches to your designs
1) Add a point direction and make all satin stitches start from that point and end at the outline of the object.
2) This creates a beautiful ray-like effect with satin stitches.
Find and organize your designs easily with the new File Browser
1) The new File browser is improved and enhanced with a lot of new features.
2) You can now filter designs by artwork (graphics designs) or by embroidery, preview the designs along with full file browser abilities such as create new folder, cut - copy - paste - move designs, and many more.
Sequence manager re-designed with many new features
1) The sequence manager has a new right-click menu which includes functionalities such as "Move object before or after", "Group objects", "Reverse order", and more.
2) Order numbers are added together with fill and outline colors for each object, to facilitate the re-ordering process. 3) You can also group the objects by color and customize the information you view on the sequence manager, to minimize clutter when re-ordering large designs
Multiple units added to Measure tool
1) The Measure tool is enhanced with more measurement units that give you more flexibility.
2) You can now make precise measurements with the unit you prefer, making your work more efficient.
3) Special units were added such as "physical length" and "stitch length".