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631 Voortrekker st
Tel 011 740 0715
Embroidery Machines
Sole Importer of Creative DRAWings
                    South Africa
Harry Du Plooy 082 850 1712
Madelein Labuschagne 081 704 0085
Tel 011 740 9959
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631 Voortrekker st
Harry's Software Embroidery
Harry's Software Embroidery
Come walk through the history of the legend, Harry du Plooy, and experience his thinking over these year in business.

Harry was born in Springs and grow up in a caring family, of which his mother Anna du Plooy was the lady with courage.
Her hard working skills and love for the sewing industry made Harry the strong business leader he became today.

Proudly to say in 1985 Harry du Plooy entered the sewing world with enthusiasm, and became an Elna Dealer in 1987.
Since then Harry just grew bigger and expand his horizons by using his technical skills and his experience with the Passap machines as well.
Now he is an importer of the Passap spares, and became well none in South Africa.

Harry du Plooy, realized there was a definite need for a well designed digitizing software program, for the embroidery industry, in which he gained a lot of exposure to, now at this stage.
In November 2007, Harry du Plooy had the privilege to become the sole importer of Creative-DRAWings. He grew the South African market and are well none for his excellent service to his clients.

As we all know Harry du Plooy by now, it was clear that the domestic embroidery machines no longer, satisfied his thinking.
Harry’s dream was to expand the embroidery market and started his research, how to import industrial embroidery machines into South Africa in 2013.

By suppling the Elna stores in South Africa, he realised that there is a need for another brand machine, and therefore he did not just stopped there.

Now his Creative DRAWings program can compliment all the industrial and domestic embroidery machines.

This just shows again hard work and perseverance pays off, he made his family proud and achieved a lot over these 45 years in the sewing industry.

Harry du Plooy builded a strong platform for his generation to follow. He trained many technicians and always goes the extra mile for his client, who all respect him, for his patience and care.

May the HARRY’S vision for a successful business always be there for others to appreciate and to follow.
Managing Director